Sarah Barker has a passion for teaching people how to live in a conscious body, how to embody their imagination and develop physical intelligence. She has been doing just that for 40 years all over the world.

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Vicki Saye Henderson with Sarah Barker

You can have lessons with her, attend her workshops in Toronto, Canada, Japan, Los Angeles and New York.  You can take courses with her at University of South Carolina.

You can take sample lessons on this website.

You can guide your own learning with her DVD and her books.

Moving with Ease is much more than freedom from pain and effort.  It means that you can stand with confidence in yourself, to choose and guide your experience of life, to achieve success through the power of your conscious awareness and expanded sense of your self.

Sarah works with deep respect for every student.  Together they discover the solutions to the challenges of living, working, creating, relating.  Following the student’s curiosity she serves as a guide to the new territory each of us has before us: our full and true potential.

Where in the world is Sarah?