Sarah-BarkerSarah Barker is an internationally known expert in the Alexander Technique. Her book, The Alexander Technique, has been distributed world-wide for thirty years and has been translated into French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and German. She has delivered hundreds of workshops, demonstrations and panels on the Alexander Technique throughout the United States and in Japan, Portugal, and Switzerland.

She teaches people in all walks of life to eliminate the extra effort and find a sense of ease and freedom in movement. She is sought out by people interested in physical performance (dancers, musicians, actors, and athletes). She has helped older adults regain physical balance.

Her work in the Alexander Technique is innovative and has always focused on giving her students independence and personal success. Throughout her career Sarah has demonstrated that students can improve their movement quality and the application of the Alexander Technique by understanding the structure and function of their joints and bones.

Moving with Ease delivers Sarah’s approach to you.